Lester & Montgomery Project 

This page will be utilized to communicate the ongoing progress of the Lester and Montgomery Project that is being completed by Towne Properties in conjunction with the PRDC (Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation).

As new information about designs, timelines, challenges, etc... they will be relayed on this site.  

PRCC June Meeting


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PRCC May Meeting


         Towne Properties Presentation

Questions from the Zoom Chat...


Do the plans for the parking lot have good rain water drainage and green plantings like Nativity?

The parking lot is designed with similar landscaping areas and setbacks, but Towne Property is not familiar with the rainwater system at Nativity.

Can you influence the Duke Substation to less of an eyesore for the neighborhood?

Towne has been working with Duke since the beginning of the project design but unfortunately does not have influence to transform the appearance of the substation. They will attempt to work with Duke to add some soft landscaping on and around their fencing to soften and isolate the appearance, but ultimately it's Duke's call.

Do all the apartments have balconies?

Each apartment will have a balcony.

Why is there such a focus on one (1) bedroom units?

Towne Properties thoroughly studied the PR neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods and neighborhoods with similar characteristics within their management footprint to determine the mix of unit options.  They feel comfortable with the unit mix, size, and layouts will be attractive options for the neighborhood.  While the pandemic forced many employees to work from home and search for larger live/work spaces, Towne does not anticipate this to be a long term trend.

What factors determine the number of apartments and the stories to be built?

Towne believes it was important to design density into a building that would fit appropriately into the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood fabric. Towne loves the energy and growth in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood business district and feel adding more residents will enable the business district to sustain its growth.

Will there be security on site?

The property will have residential access controls systems in place, plus security cameras, but there is not planned to be any on-site security personnel. The property will have on-site management and maintenance staffing during regular business hours and emergency maintenance available 24/7.

What is the estimated cost for rent?

As of today, Towne estimates rents to range from one-bedroom units starting at $1,200 per month and two bedroom, two bathroom units starting at $1,800 per month. Towne believes strongly that healthy neighborhoods have a diverse mix of housing options. Towne currently manages over 200 apartment units in the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood that rent at affordable rates under 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The Area Median Income is determined by the United State Government’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department. The current AMI for a one-person family is $59,813. HUD and the City of Cincinnati define housing affordability as a family spending no more than 30% of their income on housing/rent. The City of Cincinnati views affordable levels of housing as housing/rent available to families at 80% AMI. Under this definition, a one bedroom unit renting at $1,200 per month is affordable to a single family household with income at 80% of AMI.

Could you provide a rendering with surrounding buildings?

Towne Properties are currently working with their design team to complete this. They anticipate it being available early in the week of May 10th.

What is the number of additional parking spots being pursued?

Towne's goal is to get the available parking to the building and zoning code requirements, which will require one parking space per residential unit and 10 parking spaces for the commercial space for a total of 93 spaces needed. The plan is currently showing 78 parking spaces.

Will you work closely with Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) for traffic and pedestrian safety (including PRM)?

The building is designed to be as close to the sidewalks (or City of Cincinnati Right-of-Way (ROW)) as possible. The building and zoning code for the Pleasant Ridge business district requires no setbacks. Towne feels mixed-use developments built against the ROW create a better pedestrian friendly neighborhood.  There has not been any traffic impact studies or analysis performed yet. We are just now beginning our formal discussions with the City of Cincinnati Department of Traffic and Engineering (DOTE). We believe it was important to work with and share our initial plans with the community before we fully engaged the City of Cincinnati.

How will this project impact Pleasant Ridge Chili (PRC)?

Towne Properties have been communicating with the owners of Pleasant Ridge Chili and hope the new development will have a very positive impact on their business.

Is the 3 to 5 story design set in stone?
We are confident the new development will add vibrancy and options to the Pleasant Ridge business district and believe the style and feel of the development is very appropriate for the area.

What is the actual height of the building (rooftop to ground)?

The building height at its tallest point from the sidewalk to peak is 75 feet 8 inches tall and 63 feet tall at its lowest point. The Zoning code for the development locations allows for a maximum height of 85 feet.

Concerning affordable housing, is there a chance to include this into the plan?

See answer above about 'Estimated Cost'

Will you be back to give an update at the PRCC meetings?

Towne Properties will be back to provide periodic updates as well as communicating with the PRDC and PRCC.