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Group Description...

This is a closed forum moderated by members of the Pleasant Ridge Community Council (PRCC) for all who are interested in life within Pleasant Ridge. PRCC will post relevant information about community events including monthly council meetings, committee updates, and other topics pertaining to life in the Ridge. 


The below rules have been established to make this a safe environment for those that want to participate.  If rules are disregarded, members can be muted by individual admins or removed from the group based on a majority vote by the admins.  We strive to make this a welcoming, nontoxic environment that fosters community. 


If you have issues with the way things are moderated on this page (or any other topic of concern for Pleasant Ridge, please bring them to council’s attention at our monthly PRCC meetings.  The meetings occur the first Tuesday of each month (with the exception of January and July) at 7pm at the PR Rec Center on Ridge Road.  



The group rules...


  • Members, first and foremost, will be respectful of each other and conduct themselves in a civilized   manner.  We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment, treat everyone with respect knowing that healthy debates are natural, but kindness and open-mindedness are required.

  • Posters will be mindful that people of all ages can read the posts. To that point, rude, obscene language or content will never be tolerated and the post will be immediately removed.  

  • Duplicate posts will be removed, one thread per topic.

  • No hate speech or cyber bullying are allowed whatsoever.  Comments regarding someone’s race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, mental health, gender, or identity will NOT be tolerated.

  • Respect everyone’s privacy, this mean do not post personal information about an individual.  This includes place of employment, home address, pictures, license plate numbers, etc...  If a person turns off commenting to an authored thread, respect that decision.

  • PR businesses will keep their posts to one-per-day maximum and non-PR businesses will not use this group to advertise.  No promotional ads or spam allowed.

  • Political Ads / Campaign Information will be removed.

  • Discussions of religious points of views will be removed.

  • Critical posts that are directed at an individual member (or groups of individuals) are subject to removal.

    • If you wish to communicate with an individual or a group, use the FB messenger app not this page.

  • If you wish to post things that don't fit in with these guidelines or does not pertain to the Pleasant Ridge community, you are free to do so on your own FB page.

  • Finally, if you see a post or a comment that you think violates these rules, please report it by using the ‘report a post’ at the top of the offending post/comment.  The Admins are volunteers and have lives outside of please help us out! 8)

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