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Hello PR,

If you attended December’s PRCC meeting, you will recall that both myself and Chris Norris are finishing our terms as President and Vice President. I can share that it has been one of the most rewarding assignments I’ve had; my love for this community and all of my neighbors has certainly grown (although it did seem like my terms were fraught with biblical challenges: fire, locusts, a global pandemic…). But it’s time for “new blood” to direct the Council. You won’t be starting from scratch; we have a robust committee structure with some of PR's best people serving as committee chairs. And Chris and I promise not to ride off into the sunset…we’ll be around as resources for the new team.

You don't have to know everything about Pleasant Ridge before you run (I certainly didn’t). There will always be people in any arena who will know less and know more than you. The question is, do you care enough? And are you willing to do more of both…more caring and more learning? Six of the smartest words a council member can use are: “I don’t understand, can you help?”

A good councilmember studies, listens, and is willing to have preconceived ideas challenged. He or she is open to neighbors, the public, local business members, even that community member he or she dislikes! So…if you are honest, committed to the job at hand, and motivated to continue to make Pleasant Ridge the best neighborhood in Cincinnati as PRCC President or Vice President, please reach out to me at

I’ll be convening the Nominating Committee this month (consisting of past presidents, younger PRCC council exec, PRBA representation, and a member at large) which will interview interested candidates over the next several weeks. A slate of recommended candidates will be put forth at the April community council public meeting (4/5), and a vote on the slate and instillation will occur at the May public meeting (5/3). Please reach out if you have any questions at all. Happy to talk through my experiences! - Terri Gossard

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